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A leading communications agency in the Nordics

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H&H) is a leading advisor in financial communications, corporate communications, sustainability affairs, corporate marketing and public affairs. We have a diverse customer portfolio, including both small and large organisations, and a solid team of 70 consultants with extensive experience and knowledge in a wide range of business areas and industries.

The agency was founded in 1995 by Mats Hallvarsson and Anders Halvarsson and is now part of H&H Group. H&H Group consists of 17 companies in the communications industry, creating a powerful network with comprehensive expertise and business insight, all to the benefit of our customers. Hallvarsson & Halvarsson is also a member of AMO, a leading global network of strategic and financial communications consultancies and Interel Group, a leading Brussels-based Public Affairs network.

Find out more about what we do and how we can help you under Services. You are also welcome to contact us by phone at +46 (0)8-407 20 00, or by email at firstname.lastname@halvarsson.se. You can learn more about our team under Coworkers.

Our Values

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson’s values are the very foundation of our corporate culture. They guide us in our day-to-day internal work as well as in our long-term business activities and strategic decisions.

Our promise to each other, our customers, and other stakeholders is to live by these values. They can be summarised into three phrases: We have heart! We’re passionate! We create value!

We have heart! The phrase ‘We have heart!’ emphasises that we care about each other and our customers. We are open and honest, we respect each other and promote diversity. We conduct business with high ethical standards and expect the same of our partners.

We’re passionate! The phrase ‘We’re passionate!’ demonstrates our genuine commitment to what we do. Through this commitment, we inspire both colleagues and customers. We have a creative and open-minded environment that stimulates innovation and encourages the testing of boundaries. We come up with unexpected ideas and we find joy in discovery.

We create value! The creation of financial value is a prerequisite for our business. By creating value on behalf of our customers, we establish conditions for long-term partnerships and a good reputation in the market.

As communications consultants, we create value by sharing our expertise and providing advice, every step of the way. We have high integrity, so to us, customer service doesn’t necessarily mean always agreeing with the customer. Instead we think customer service means using our experience and knowledge to advocate the solution that we believe is most beneficial for the customer, and subsequently executing it in a close collaboration with the customer. Our experience shows that this method creates the greatest value.

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