One focus. Two decades. Twelve brands.

H&H Group consists of twelve agencies with one common focus: we shall be perceived as Sweden’s leading advisors in corporate communication. With us and in our network we have are some of Sweden’s most experienced PR and communications consultants.

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

is the communications agency with leading competence in corporate communications, corporate marketing, CSR, financial communication, investor relations and public affairs. The agency is run by Johan Ramsten and we are some 70 co-workers.


Springtime s a Swedish communications agency that works in public affairs, marketing communication, branding strategy, internal communications and investor relations. The agency was founded in 1994 and has about 35 employees led by CEO Paul Roswall


Comprend Comprend combines knowledge and thought leadership in corporate communications with extensive digital expertise. Our colleagues at Comprend offer digital solutions in investor relations, media, CSR, employer branding, internal communications and social media to Swedish and international customers. The agency consists of over 60 employees under the leadership of Managing Partner Staffan Lindgren.


Involve Communication is an award winning agency in internal communication and learning that helps companies to communicate by combining the right technology with the best education. The agency has about ten employees who work under the guidance of Annicka Pärson.

Jung Relations

Jung är is one of Sweden’s most awarded agencies in the borderland between PR, digital communication and market communication. The agency was founded out of a passion of doing things differently. Jung takes inspiration from popular culture to enhance brands into meaningful topics that change people’s behaviour and drive business. The agency has 45 employees under the leadership of


Creo is Sweden’s leading digital communications agency specialising in motion media! We have a turnover of around SEK 40 million, have 25 full-time employees and a large network of freelancers. We work with Swedish and international companies, authorities and organisations and take responsibility for the whole process, from strategy and consulting about content and technology to production and distribution – for all types of screens. The agency is run by


Consilio works with the management and owners of leading multinational corporations across various industries. We offer insight, strategic advice and access needed by our Clients to help realise values and manage risk in an ever-changing and complex global business environment. We greatly value the establishment of a long-lasting relationship with all our clients, while keeping confidentiality and professional integrity as main priorities.

Consilio is led by Andreas von der Heide.

Intellecta Corporate

Our focus is strategic communication advice, with specialist competence in editorial, digital, financial and sustainability communication.

We also have the power and capacity to execute our advice, strategies and plans. We have expertise in digital development, writing, design and production of magazines, digital solutions in all its forms and financial and sustainability reports. We are the leading consultancy company for innovative thinking and visionary communication solutions – with the power to implement.

Intellecta Corporate consists of 50 employees and the agency is run by CEO Alexandra Kindblom.


Our clients have something to say.

We make them heard.

We are a strategic B2B family with a love for blending deep understanding with high-flying creativity. We put this affection to use every day to help our clients manage their challenges and take them where they need to be. And we have fun while we’re at it. A simple but really effective formula.

Hilanders is led by Christina Karlsson Kazeem.

Tomorrow (Shanghai)

We co-create the brands of tomorrow.

We do this by asking only two questions: where are you today? And where do you want to be tomorrow?

We aim to make branding easy and inspiring for small and big teams across China. We do this through co-creation, workshops, toolkits and any other way to work collaboratively with your team.

Tomorrow consists of 21 employees based in Shanghai. Our roots are in Sweden, and so is our mother company, the H&H Group.

Let’s talk about tomorrow.


Details. Drama. Dynamics.

It’s the details, drama and dynamics that make great motion media communication. We know. Because we use our strategic minds, talent and creative drive to produce exceptional work.

Welcome to Unreel your motion media partner driven by a very simple business philosophy: it is not about creating likes, clicks or virals. It’s about creating real value in your motion media communication.

We are 15 employees and the agency is run by Mats Karsvall


We are a strategic communications agency with a humanistic approach to all communication, whether it’s brand strategy, visual identity, a campaign, an annual report or a Web site. We always think long-term and conceptually. We’re personal, passionate and professional.

Brands talk to people, not markets.

Bysted  består consists of 12 employees and the agency is run by CEO Ulrika Wærneman