Confidence-building communication

Communication alone will never generate trust and value for a company. Being seen and discussed is never enough. You can never talk your way to trust. You must also deliver.

Communication and delivery are the two mainstays of confidence-building communication

These insights are fundamental to H&H’s concept of “confidence-building communication”.

Communication is – or is interpreted as – what you promise

When you and your company communicate with customers, the capital market, employees and other opinion-shapers in society, your communication and your messages become promises, or they are interpreted as promises. The company explains what its products and services will do for customers, what the strategies will generate in terms of value for shareholders, how good it is to work for the company, or its objectives for social responsibility.

This is necessary and important, but demands responsibility!

Managing expectations is the most important task

When the delivery to the company’s stakeholders is eventually evaluated, it is pitted against the expectations established by your communication. Broken promises and expectations are one of the company’s absolute biggest risk factors and the most destructive to value!

The conclusion is that “expectations management” is the most important task of corporate communications. Today, companies’ stakeholders and the upcoming generation demand an honest and constructive dialog based on the driving forces of trust capital: expertise, ability to comply with laws, rules and standards, commitment and transparency. This requires honesty and responsibility in the communicative management of expectations.

We build trust for long-term commitment

These insights form H&H’s core competencies for communication. We work with all kinds of companies in all kinds of communication situations in which value and trust in the company and its management are at stake. Together with company management, we search for communications solutions that generate reasonable expectations – and build trust for long-term commitment and loyalty among important interest groups.