Our values

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson’s values describe the foundation of our corporate culture. They serve to support us in our daily work, both internally and externally.

We promise one another, our customers and other stakeholders that we will live according to our values. They can be summarised by three phrases:
•    We are passionate!
•    We have heart!
•    We create value!

We are passionate!
The phrase “We are passionate!” describes our genuine commitment to what we do. With that approach, we inspire both colleagues and customers. We have a creative and tolerant environment that stimulates innovation and pushes limits. We produce surprising ideas and we experience the joy of discovery.

We have heart!
With “We have heart!” we want to emphasise that we care for each other and our customers. We are open and honest; we respect each other, promote diversity and do what we feel is right. We do business according to high ethical standards and expect the same from our partners.

We create value!
Added economic value is a prerequisite for our operation. By creating value for our customers, we create conditions for long-term partnerships and a good reputation on the market.

As communications consultants, we create value by selling our expertise and giving the advice that is best for the customer in each situation. We do not confuse customer service with always agreeing with the customer; rather, we use our experience and expertise to argue for the solution that we consider best for the customer.

We strive to exceed customer expectations. As a matter of course, we keep our promises and deliver the right thing at the right time with the right quality. We strive to always have the best consultants in our areas of expertise. That is why we also reward good performance and continually develop ourselves and our competence.