It is a given that companies must be prudent with nature and humankind’s resources. Easy to say, but harder to live up to. Especially while also facing constant pressure to deliver profitable growth. How can you successfully balance these demands?

Courage and insight to prioritise

Sure, the world is complex and variable. And stakeholder demands can easily seem endless. The path forward can thus appear winding and tough to navigate. But obviously, no one can do everything – and implement it all right now. Nor should you think you must be 100 percent on target to communicate about sustainability.

Involve and engage

The starting point is to gain an understanding of the world’s expectations. From there, develop and implement realistic strategies for sustainability/CSR. It’s about setting measurable goals, working toward them, and finally, communicating the initiatives and results. Be generous! Invite all stakeholders on the journey. Make your communication as open, understandable and compelling as possible.

Let us help you

H&H’s sustainability/CSR team has experience and expertise from all aspects of the sustainability sphere. In your role as a sustainability manager or as someone who considers sustainability an important dimension of your field, we can support you with development of actual substance that is attractively packaged. We can help you to prioritize and focus on the initiatives and collaborations that have the biggest impact. Both in the short and in the long term.

Among our services within sustainability and communication you will find:

Competitive intelligence and mapping
• Benchmark and gap-analysis
• Risk analysis
• Stakeholder analysis
Materiality analysis
Stakeholder dialog
• VGuidance within current and evolving sustainability issues

Strategy and sustainable business development
• Hållbarhetsstrategi
• Uppförandekoder och andra policyer
• Varumärkesutveckling med hållbarhet
• Vägledning inom ramverk för hållbarhet
• Utbildning

Kommunikation och redovisning
• Internkommunikation och implementering
• Företagswebbplatser
• Hållbarhet i traditionella, digitala och sociala medier
• Hållbarhetsredovisning
• Vägledning inom riktlinjer och god praxis för hållbarhetsredovisning och annan rapportering


Hallvarsson & Halvarsson is a Gold Community member of the Global Reporting Initiative since 2010

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