Media advisory

The increasing importance of social media means your company has more opportunities than before to reach out with your message directly to customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. But even though the media landscape is changing quickly, the traditional media is still important for how your brand is perceived. At the same time, the expanded media palette makes it harder than ever to keep track of what is being written about your company in various channels.

H&H’s consultants have worked as journalists, news directors, editors-in-chief and press and information officers for a total of more than a century. No agency in the Swedish communication industry comes close to H&H when it comes to media experience.

Starting from our knowledge of how the media works and how the media landscape is changing, we can help you understand which media your stakeholders currently consume. We will help you establish relationships with key writers in traditional, digital and social media. We will coach you before media meetings. The goal is often to create a better understanding of your company and its operation, which benefits the brand and improves the conditions for successfully handling a future crisis.

A fundamental condition for success is that we and our customers have an accurate understanding of how your company and industry are portrayed in the media. Our media analysis ensures this. We collect and summarise what is said and written in various channels. We carry out analyses. And we present everything in a clear, easily understood way.