Risk and Crisis Management

About 80 percent of all crises originate within the company itself. Close examination will reveal most of the risks that can cause a serious crisis. A risk inventory, and above all, an extensive inventory of confidence risks, is thus one of the best ways to vaccinate your company against crises. We make inventories, classify risks and recommend actions to minimise them.

Preparing for a crisis situation also involves establishing an effective crisis organisation. For this, we have a system that also includes instrumental and easily implemented crisis plans. The organisation carries out a “test run” with simulations that aim to come as close to a real-life situation as possible. The gaps in messages and procedures that are revealed can be remedied in time.

If a crisis still occurs, the ability to communicate is often what determines how successfully the situation is managed and how the company is judged. In such a situation, H&H’s consultants contribute operative crisis management from an outside-in perspective. This is often the key to leading the company out of the crisis quickly.