“Swedish entrepreneurs are excellent at establishing companies that produce satisfied customers and good profitability. We will make sure they’re equally good at building relationships with society and in the political arena.”

Public affairs

Successful companies often have one thing in common: they have close, thriving relationships in all parts of society and actively participate in the public discussion. Those of us who work in public affairs at H&H support companies and organisations as they clarify their position in this field.

We carry out political analyses to build knowledge and create predictability for our customers. We always begin with our customer’s most important stakeholders. It is important to quickly identify where an issue belongs in the decision support system – whether it is the parks department, in the municipality, county council, Riksdag or at the EU level – and give an overview of all stakeholders in the social arena. The earlier that indications of change can be detected, the greater the opportunities are to identify potential paths forward. Our team can then produce risk analyses and strategies accordingly to meet the effects changes can have on companies.

In the next step, we equip the customer with tools to reach the identified decision-makers and opinion-shapers with the relevant information. Our consultants have extensive collected experience from having participated in the political decision-making process themselves.