”“The annual report has a greater value than the actual product. An outstanding presentation can serve as the company’s communication platform.””

- Maria Hanell Mårtensson,Executive Director, financial communication expert

Financial reporting

The conditions for financial reporting are changing constantly. Regulations are tightening up. The dimension of sustainability is being integrated and gaining importance. Requirements to report on more than just financial factors are increasing. Communicative content is gaining importance. In addition, new technology is opening up opportunities.

H&H operates in the middle of this ongoing evolution. We are the obvious partner for businesses that want their annual and interim reports to reflect a progressive company with transparent communication. We can assist with everything from idea, analysis and concept to manuscript, project management, graphic design and technical production for both print and digital formats. The assignment may include part or all of the financial reporting, based on the customer’s preference. Most often, the earlier we have the chance to bring our expertise to the process, the better the end results.

The internet provides opportunities to customise the reports according to users’ preferences. For the last several years, companies have been able to take the plunge from printed annual reports to web reports. Our solution is not just an online adaptation of the printed product or a PDF. It brings new dimensions. It is a reader-friendly, flexible product that offers superior opportunities for analysis, exciting possibilities for video and many other features.