With both IPOs and acquisitions, communications to all target groups must function smoothly. H&H has experience from a large number of transactions and can offer the necessary guidance in terms of both breadth and depth, whether on the Swedish or international markets.

In the run-up to an IPO , a company is confronted with many sweeping changes. Media attention escalates. Demand for information and financial reporting increases. Company management must set aside extra time for contact with the capital market. H&H can help chisel out a message, a clear position, and lay the groundwork for a long-term communication model. In the short-term, it’s about contributing to a successful listing. In the long-term, it’s about helping the company adapt to “life on the stock exchange”.

With a public offering (take-overs or M&As), both parties have much to gain from the proper presentation of their message to shareholders. But the playing field is often complex. The number of hostile takeovers is increasing. New ownership categories, such as “opportunity funds” and hedge funds, make the processes complex. In most cases, time is critical. The board of directors’ performance is often crucial. And what the media writes plays an important role. H&H has a qualified team that can support a company in a given situation on short notice. No matter what side the company is standing on.