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The journalist ranking is a survey that has been conducted since 1997, ranking Sweden's leading business media and economics journalists. Business media and economics journalism in the present day encompasses a broad definition. The ranking of journalists is confined to media or journalists who, in one way or another, report on economic, financial, stock market or business-related events in Sweden.

Since its inception, the survey has been conducted by communications agency Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. Survey respondents represent the entire capital market and include professionals such as share analysts, manager, investors, brokers, macro- or microeconomic experts, professors of Economics, CEOs of listed companies, Heads of communications and information, as well as people working in the field of Investor Relations. 


The ranking of Swedish business media and economics journalists is done through a survey of people who read economic and financial news as part of their job. The chosen respondents are people who belong to various professional groups from across the capital market. The survey is conducted on an annual basis by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.

This year’s survey was carried out using an online questionnaire through the Netigate tool. The survey period ran from 11 April until 11 May 2018. A total of 280 people responded. The survey population was approximately 2,700 people. According to previous drop-out studies, around half of those who did not respond do not consider themselves to have the overview of the media that the survey assumes. The other half state that they do not have time or interest, or have changed role. Drop-outs can have an impact on the result when the differences are small. This may apply to the categories podcast and TV & radio. The margins are clear in all other categories.

Respondents had to state the ‘Best media’ in seven categories: Daily newspaper, Business magazine, News agency, Digital media, TV & Radio, Podcast and Twitter account. Nominated media were listed on the form and only one response was permitted.

A new feature this year was the five new categories in ‘Economics journalist of the year’: News, Stocks & Shares, Macroeconomics, Private Finances and TV & Radio. A total of 86 names were included, alongside the ability to enter other names. Respondents ranked the three best economics journalists within each category, with a first place equivalent to 3 points, a second place equivalent to 2 points and a third place equivalent to 1 point. The total points tallies then determined journalists’ positions in the ranking.

Those journalists ranked by a respondent as the three best ones within a category - a total of 15 journalists per respondent - then qualified for ranking as ‘Economics journalist of the year - all categories’. The process was repeated and journalists ranked as the best, second best and third best using the above points system.


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