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H&H’s Communication Management consultants are strategic partners in corporate communication. Heads of Communication and other senior executives contact us for ongoing support in relation to major communications projects, important changes, temporary requirements for additional expertise or due to lack of resources. 

We are driven by the conviction that relevant, consistent and distinctive communication creates trust and helps a company to achieve its business goals. Our support is often long-term in nature - we are involved from the formulation of strategy and vision via the practical implementation through to evaluation and follow-up.  

Handling complex communications assignments, coordinating many interests and running projects are among our areas of expertise.  

With many years of experience from a wide range of industries, we are able to quickly familiarise ourselves with the challenges and opportunities in any situation. We formulate and implement communications strategies, initiate and carry out activities in communications schedules, develop communications channels and ensure projects reach the finish line.  

Some of our most requested services are:

  • The development of communications platforms with strategy, policy, messages and activity plans (consultancy, project management, formulation, conceptualisation, implementation)
  • Idea generation for achieving communications goals
  • Ongoing advice, support and coordinator when implementing activities in communications plans
  • Senior project management in areas such as communications projects, print productions, capital market days and other projects that involve a wide range of skills
  • Internal communications from strategy to implementation (such as change communications, mapping and analysis, ongoing daily support or long-term planning and structuring of internal communications)

For further information, please contact: Sarah Östberg, Head of Communication Management

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