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The increasingly broad media palette makes it more difficult than ever to reach out with your message and keep track of what is being said about your company in various channels.

Our consultants have worked as journalists, news managers, chief editors and as press and information managers for a combined period in excess of a century. No other agency in the Swedish communications industry comes close to H&H when it comes to media experience. 

Based on our knowledge of how the media works and the changing media landscape, we help you to understand which media your stakeholders are currently consuming. We can help you to build up relationships with key individuals within tradition, digital and social media. 

We can also coach you prior to meetings with the media, often with the aim of creating an enhanced understanding of your company and its activities. This benefits the brand and increases the chances of successfully managing future crises.

A fundamental principle for success is also that we and our customers have the correct understanding of how your company and your industry is depicted in the media. Our media analysis ensures this. We collect and compile what is being said and written in different channels. Then we analyse it and present everything in an easily accessible and transparent manner.

For further information, please contact:  Weje Sandén or Theo Martins

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